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Getting evicted - how long can I stay in the house?

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    (Original post by lolakirk)
    I've just found this...

    'This all depends on how obstinate your tenant is, at Landlord Action 61% of the time, when we serve a Section 8 Notice for rent arrears (14 day notice) or section 21 Notice (2 month’s notice) ending the tenancy, the tenants will vacate the property.

    If they ignore the notice served, then the landlord will have to apply to the court for a possession order.

    It will take generally between 6-8 weeks for the judge to grant a possession order under section 8/section 21.

    Tenants can ignore the possession order granted by the court, which is normally a 14 day order and sometimes tenants are told to stay put by the council and encourage the landlord to go to eviction. In these cases the landlord has to go to the final step 3 to apply for an eviction date with the bailiff, this can take between 5-10 weeks, depending on the court your at and how many bailiffs there are at that court working.'


    That seems like an awfully long time.....
    As I said; I believe it can all be sped up through the High Court. Also those timings depend on you ignoring a court order.

    While I appreciate you may be in a difficult situation; simply delying the outcome really isn't going to help and could cost you so much more in the long term. You should be looking for alternative accommodation instead of researching the legal loopholes allowing you to continue the frankly disgusting burned you're putting on the landlord.

    (Original post by lolakirk)
    Thank you for your help, let me get my magic wand out and create some money out of thin air
    I'm being realistic with you and your response is typical of the type of people I work with daily in local law enforcement; You have a problem and you want to shift it to others - Not having enough money is a poor excuse as its YOUR responsibility to ensure you can meet YOUR obligations - such as rent and bills.

    This landlord owes you nothing and it sounds like your clearly taking advantage of him.

    Man up, go to the council, report your about to be homeless and they may find you emergency housing - ask your friends or relatives instead too just stop making it this landlords issue to try and fix things for you.

    When your circumstances changed you should have been out 24/7 trying to find work even if its in a factory to hold you over so you can meet your expenses not sit in a puddle of misery hoping other people are going to fix things for you.


    24 hours, get your stuff and leave.
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Updated: April 17, 2016
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