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Do guys find it's easier to put yourself out there sexually than emotionally?

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    I was raised to believe that men are assertive and have no problem chasing but the older I get the more I realize you guys are just as scared to get rejected as much as us women (I think).

    For example:

    This guy I've slept with has no problem saying sexual things to me but when it comes to asking to see me he isn't very direct. He'll say I want to see you this weekend. I'll tell him the weekend is good but when the weekend comes he'll skirt around it. He'll ask what my plans are, when I'll be done, *then* he'll say I want to see you even though I already said I was good with seeing him. Or ask me where I'm at because he wants to know if I'm out and about instead of just saying hey are you free I want to see you I hope these example makes sense lol.

    Even just really recently I just got back from Mexico with a few of my girlfriends a yesterday. While there a guy I'm casually seeing asked me when I would be coming back home (didn't even tell him I was leaving the country). I told him tomorrow (yesterday). The next day I posted on Snapchat that it 'felt good to be home". Not too long after that I saw that he looked at my snap then he contacted me asking if I behaved myself. I said I might have *smirk face*. Then he said good girl and that was it.

    I think he's interested and I know my behavior doesn't necessarily scream I'm interested in him for more than just sex. I'm pretty hard to read. I just don't think he's assertive in a non sexual way(or either he's just playing games)

    So this leads me to my question. Do guys find it easier to put themselves out there sexually than emotionally?

    A lot of guys are terrified of rejection, genuine rejection that is, not rejection from a girl you want to sleep with but one you actually like. If he dances around asking you directly but he seems into you he's definitely scared.

    Both too much work.

    Every time I've opened up I get burned so I just don't let myself get feelings when I meet someone new

    for me, it's a lot easier sexually than emotionally
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Updated: April 8, 2016
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