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Thoughts on the decline of the club/rave/house scene.

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    Back in the 80s and 90s people went along to events to hear the music and be exposed to new people, new drugs, new experiences but essentially the music was the central focus. But a lot of this has been totally ruined by mobile phones and social media and as a result now all you see at these places are circles of students just taking drunk selfies. They couldn't really give a **** what the DJ plays or indeed know any of the records (perhaps thats understandable given the parallel decline of the DJ's themselves). The youth seem totally obsessed by who is and who isn't a creep and rather than being open, the scene is totally closed. Everyone seems to just stand in their little circles holding their phones aloft inhaling those wretched balloons. The original ethos of the late 70s/80s disco experience has totally been lost.

    I know what you mean...

    Real music-centred events are very rare nowadays. But they're still great if you can find them :cute:

    It's just a shame that that's not really what a lot of teens today want to do.
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Updated: April 8, 2016
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