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You think you can pass the Life In The UK test?

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    I thought this was difficult, I need to sit my test soon and practicing a lot.

    I am getting 17+ most times.

    How do you guys do? Could you pass the immigration test!? citizenpaper

    Nope, I get around 16 when I do the tests

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    I can pass the first one, which is fortunate as a UK citizen. I did find some of the questions irrelevant and some badly written though.

    16. Failed.

    Get me back on the boat.

    Between 19-22 for the four or five I did.

    I did the first 2 and got 14 on both :erm:
    But I'm doubting the validity of the tests now, it marked me wrong on a question where the explanation agreed with my answer and it didn't show the correct answer. (Note how the question says WHICH TWO) Have I misread it?
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    lol, it took me 4 minutes to solve one when before I've applied for naturalization. it's simple

    The test is incorrect.
    17. QuestionWho is considered ineligible to do jury service?
    • Police
    • Anyone with a criminal conviction
    • Judges
    • Members of Parliament
    At least in Scotland, and the question is not specific to England at all.
    "The full list of those ineligible to serve on a jury will be listed in your citation. Those ineligible to serve on a jury include:-
    • constables of any police force, or
    • police cadets,
    • you are a Justice of the Supreme Court or the President or Deputy President of that Court;
    •  you are a Senator of the College of Justice;
    •  you are a sheriff;
    •  you are a Justice of the Peace;
    •  you are a stipendiary magistrate;

    Another question, another incorrect question:
    Which TWO are compulsory in the UK if you own an old car?
    • A valid MOT test certificate
    • Mortgage
    • Car insurance
    • Life insurance
    None of the above is the correct answer. An MOT and car insurance are not required if you own a car if it's SORNed. An MOT and car insurance are required for the vehicle to be driven on the road.

    Edit: Another question states your family cannot help you if you've suffering domestic violence.
    Now no secretary of state is responsible for policing.

    I picked 5 pages randomly & got 20+ correct on each one. Some (educated) guess-timation was involved though.
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Updated: April 9, 2016
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