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MSc Bocconi - Application

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    I'm French and I have some questions about the admission at Bocconi.

    I have passed my Baccalaureate two years ago with distinction (17 out of 20).
    Afterwards, I entered an economic "classe preparatoire", called also "prepa HEC" in France. I am in my second year, it means the last year of my course, and I will join a French business school next year (I'm going to take my exams starting from April 26 - I applied for one of the 8 best French business schools).
    But my goal is to apply for one of Bocconi Msc for September 2017 (after one year in a French high school, giving me a "licence" indispensable to send a dossier).

    Do you know the selection criteria for the Msc in Finance, for instance ? (or others)

    Moreover, I am concerned about something.
    French "classes preparatoires" are known to be the best postgraduate courses for a student after his Baccalaureate. But, they are also known for giving bad marks to students. It means that good students have (very) lower averages in a "classe preparatoire", compared to those who go to University.
    It is not a problem to have the equivalence, but I wonder if the recruitment staff takes in account that the level in "classe preparatoire" is more difficult and that teachers give lower marks.
    In other words, my application file is very good in France but I fear that it is less positive abroad, if those things are not brought in light.
    Anyway, I will study next year in a top French Business school (from HEC to Toulouse Business School) and I will have to win my spurs there. But, will it be enough to build a good foreign academic standing ?

    What do you think about that ?
    Should I send you letters of recommandation of my teachers to precise that clearly?

    I know that it is difficult for you to visualise my situation without any application file and just words. In this respect, after my exams, I will prepare my GMAT.

    Thank you very much.
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