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Anyone here take life too seriously

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    (Original post by ForestShadow)
    I havent started because Im just wayyyyy to chill about it I guess?

    I dont even know what Ive done all Easter apart from my sports and dance. How much have you studied this break and what for?

    Im doing 4 subjects ultimately, geo, bio, chem and maths

    But this AS year becuase of funny reforms in education system Im only doing 2 Geo and Maths so I guess that may be a factor to why Im so chill
    This is a really good point I see ppl take mad amounts of supplements and do insane diets and workouts but it just doesnt happen, ppl need to realise theres a limit to what you can do and the timescale is vast to build muscle correctly and efficiently

    Ah nice role modelss, zyzz died due to a heart attack in a sauna right?He died at 22, even younger than Lee, smh

    Just noticed your Asian In that case you better start preparing your grave on results day just encase :laugh: :rip:

    I've been grinding hard since November but stepped it up in January. I only have my applied modules to master but other than that I'm ready for my exams. I need A*A*-A*A in Maths + Physics in any order to get into my Firm.

    Oh, your lucky since you have exam reforms in your favour this year but be warned to step up next year in your A2. Yeah, you can only build so much muscle in a certain time frame. :dumbells: is a important in life as it correlates to the things we want to achieve taking years before we can finally achieve them.

    Yeah....:cry2: #restinprotein


    (Original post by ForestShadow)
    Oooooooooooo what style of dance?
    Mainly self-choreographed tap in my own kitchen. :yep:

    But I'm hoping to take over the dance studio at my uni when I start studying in September.

    Since we're posting Lee gifs, fun fact, Bruce could bench press 2.9x his bodyweight, and he could shoulder raise 57kg, close to his bodyweight I suspect if a little lower based on his height and physique. Dude was strength goals
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Updated: April 9, 2016
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