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How to use past papers to revise?

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    (Original post by JulieEdiz)
    I wish to incorporate past papers in my revision plan. I feel I am not ready to be completely sittingthem under mock exam conditions but I don’t want to leave it off any longer.

    Is it a goodidea to use past papers alongside revision? Ie, I want to do a past paper andthen revise for a certain question I got wrong. I’ve beenputting off doing this because I would be using up mock exam papers.

    How many should I leave to do under exam conditions? The more recent years have been alot harder as well (2010-2013), so I want to use them to revise from but shouldn’tI leave harder papers to do under exam conditions?Should I do most of them and just do them again?

    Should I revise any other way for maths? (quite confused)

    Thank you.
    There are loads of replies already, but I will give my opinion anyway

    Past papers are very useful for maths. Some questions are common each year, for example always expect differentiation in C1, partial fractions in C4 etc.

    If you make a mistake, don't just mark it wrong. Try to follow the method in the mark scheme and see if you understand where you went wrong and what to actually do to solve the question. Then retry the question and see if you get it right. If you are still unsure, ask the teacher, check the examiners report or revise the topic the question covers.

    Be careful with the questions that come up in past papers however. Some content in specifications might not have come up before or came up 8 years ago (I am looking at you AQA C4 trig integration ), so make sure you cover a range of papers not just the new papers, but also older papers as well as questions from your textbook.

    Hope this helps

    (Original post by Zacken)
    This is in the maths forum.
    OH. Ohhh! I see! No no no, don't do that for maths OP oh god I almost ruined someone's life. Yeah, sorry. [but for science it's really good!]

    (OP, if you get a U don't kill me)
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    (Original post by zXcodeXz)
    I'm going to revise as much as I can and then do a past paper to what level I am at. What exam board are you with?
    Late reply but I'm doing OCR. What about you?

    (Original post by JulieEdiz)
    Late reply but I'm doing OCR. What about you?
    For maths I'm AQA
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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