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Cardiff or Leeds?

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    (Original post by Darilinna)
    Yeah I will be happy to see you at Leeds. (to see myself at leeds too ). I have been studying spanish also .. I like the language. I have passed two levels A1 and A2 ( according to European Language Framework). I wanted to continue with B1 but I have to prepare for Ielts now I can feel the struggle. I just think that spanish is not very difficult language and I can learn it without uni degree. Btw in my hometown there are two girls from Spain came here thanks to EVS and they organized smth like Spanish speaking course and it was easy to understand them but when I was in turkey and met spanish guys from the north part of Spain I could not get anything. These girls here said that "even we can not understand them". So spanish language is not difficult at all but there are a lot of different dialects you can may be learn during your uni degree. You should check. Actually I want to continue studying spanish too. I think of going to summer school in spain or workimg there during the summer. I can go with programmes could Aisec, Global Citizent or Erasmus plus and spend some months there. That is of course my own choice. If you really want to go and study Spanish. Do it.
    Sorry for my late reply! Yeah! It will be awesome, so long as I actually firm Leeds. I'm doing Spanish A-level which is a B2 in the European Framework and I took one of those online tests to roughly estimate your level and I got a C1, but I don't think I'm that good at Spanish haha. It's because in the North there's another language called Catalan, which isn't Spanish and they speak it in the North East e.g Barcelona. I went on an exchange to Mexico last summer so I'm hoping the family I stayed with will let me stay with them again to practise my Spanish. I'm still not sure haha D:

    Your OP seems to suggest you're more likely to go to Cardiff, but in your position I'd probably opt for Leeds.
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    (Original post by BenC1997)
    Your OP seems to suggest you're more likely to go to Cardiff, but in your position I'd probably opt for Leeds.
    Thanks for your reply! I was set on going to Leeds until two weeks ago (I just hadn't firmed yet because I wanted to talk with my school about this scholarship). Why would you opt for Leeds? I'm completely torn between the two courses to be honest and I can't decide. I feel like Cardiff would be the easier option but I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing.
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Updated: April 17, 2016
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