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If a guy rejects an invite to hang out, it means he's definetly not interested right?

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    I met this guy on my course who I see every day. He compliments me, stars at me, checks out my body, always talks to me, remembers everything about me, smiles at me and so many other signs that he likes me to the point that everyone in our group thinks he does.

    However, he has never invited me out outside of our lectures and groups (I spend 5 days a week in work placement with him 10-4). He does have a girlfriend so I presume that's why but I have been told they have now split.

    When I was drunk I messaged him to ask if he wanted to come to the bar me and my friends were in. It was about 1 am, the text was clearly from a drunk person. He replied really nicely and straight away, but said he was at his parents so couldn't. He said thanks for asking though.

    I took this to mean he was totally not interested and so next time I went into uni I just apologised and said I'd been drunk. But the thing is, he is delighted I sent the text! Never stops going on about it, joking about it and he literally never stops talking to me and had made the flirting way more obvious since the text.

    He never mentions sex so can tell he's not that sort of guy.

    Would I be wrong to rule him out as interested based on his reply? Surely if he was interested he would at least have taken the opportunity to make a meet up? Or maybe the fact he knew I was drunk made him think I wasn't serious.

    We have two more weeks until be stop studying together. Maybe I will know then.
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    also, he never wants to be alone with me. Even to grab lunch.

    He refused because you were drunk and it was 1am. He may well be interested but someone who wants a relationship isn't going to say yes to (what will look like to an outsider) a 1am drunk hookup.

    He's not interested.

    Hard to say. The not wanting to be alone with you is not a good sign. Ask him on a daytime date and then you will know.
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Updated: April 9, 2016
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