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Evil flatmate..end is in sight!

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    So..evil flatmate finally told me last weekend, after id paid another months rent, that shes moving out, back to her dads.
    She apparently had to write a note to the council, asking them if I could take over the flat, when she wrote and handed in her 4 weeks notice to vacate. Of course ive not seen this note, nor heard anything, so looks like I don't have a choice but to move out too, back to my parents in a small village in the middle of nowhere. I asked a few people who originally said they'd been looking for somewhere to move too, on the off chance I could keep the flat, but funnily they've all backed out now.
    We aren't even sure if im on the tennancy..some council letters ive had said they know im here, but the one a few days ago said only her! So she may have even been illegally subletting to me!

    We seemed to be ok during the week..but then kicked off friday because I had a driving lesson booked in the morning and she wanted me to wait in for something she had ordered for her car, so I had to rearrange it. It never arrived, and was apparently next week its arriving so shes told me I have to wait in again..

    Anyway, weekend has come around again. She told me earlier by text only put £20 on the electric (one weeks worth) as she forgot to do it and she is planning to move out the following week while shes off work. I can stay for another week or two if I want, but I will have to pay for any gas and electric extra (even though thats meant to be part of my rent?!) and shes taking practically everything in the house..furniture, kitchen electrics etc. As 'payment' for my half of the 50" tv we split the cost of, she said she'll get one of her dads old 32* tv's, and I can have the broken xbox 360..but other than that, Im not even going to be left with a chair to sit on!

    She's also planning to go out again tonight to get wasted, and has been talking to one of her friends about sleeping with a guy from work (whos in a relationship) in return for lifts because "she wants the lifts, and hes stupid enough to be paying her for sex" or something like that I heard..
    Also planning on another bender with another guy sunday night! Guess moving home does wonders for finances!

    The only thing I can think of tonight, besides stressing over what shes going to be like later or who shes bringing home, is thank god theres only 2 weeks left of this! Two weeks of stress, depression and misery, and then I have all that moving back with parents!

    You should seek legal help with regards to the furniture... Seems like she's taking advantage of you. How old are you both by the way?

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    (Original post by martinnmartin)
    You should seek legal help with regards to the furniture... Seems like she's taking advantage of you. How old are you both by the way?
    Thats the trouble..one sofa was already here, the other she bought, but I thought part of the rent and bills money I was paying was going towards the finance payments to it. I have no paperwork to support it though. And the table and chairs were already here when I moved in. Basically I think its all hers from over the years.

    Im 33, she's 22.
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Updated: April 9, 2016
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