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A daydream (short story)

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    There is nothing unusual happening.

    You are idly standing there, sipping at the glass, the water trickling, dribbling and gently flowing towards your lips. While the dreary dull clouds are visible through the window, you glance up at the dull kitchenwith the tiles freezing your bare feet.

    You wish you’d worn socks now.

    Shuffling slightly, you put down the glass and shuffle your feet to warm them.

    Feeling the shift in gravity as you tilt the glass up again,your brain starts to whirl like a kaleidoscope of daydreams and memories and impossible possibilities that could occur in the next moment.

    You glance up…

    Thinking of the glass sets off a new chain of thoughts,fragments creating an almost real scenario in your mind.

    The glass could fall to the floor… You imagine the scattering tones and the high pitched chiming as the glass could shatter against the tiles– the two cold substances meeting. You can see the water rising in slow motion – curved forms spreading their arms wide open – no – spreading their wings as they fly down the cold floor like eagle swooping down with swift stealthy movements.

    At the sound of the glass, maybe you jump a little – not expecting it – not expecting the reason you may have dropped it in the first place. Because it wasn’t just an accident, your fictional self may have seen something. Maybe a tall figure could enter the room, a tall figure you may find attracts you, a figure you have had a similar daydream of before?

    No! You think again. You don’t like that story… It’s almost too ordinary for this made up storyline, too cliché. You want something more thrilling than that. Maybe something would startle you into dropping it – but – what would the thing bethat startled you?

    A list streams through your brain of all the things that could possibly be but your mind interrupts again. It has thought of a new cause in your mind. It satisfies your urge for the interesting, sets your pulseracing and makes you slightly dizzy.

    Maybe ‘you’ walk into the room. Not yourself, but another you… Almost like a mirror image. Whatwould it be? A long lost twin? A mysterious clone? A mysterious alter ego only you are able to see? Your mind whirls and is excited by the different possibilities.You imagine their hair cut identically to your own – their similarly colouredeyes. They could stare at you, mirroring you movements and your shocked face.Then, maybe it could change…

    Maybe they speak – propelling you into an adventure worthy of Hollywood. You picture the escapades you could have as a result of this moment…

    A movement disturbs your unrestrained, wild thoughts (nowhaving escalated past the unassuming idea they came from). You hear a crash that is high in pitch chiming in nature. You hear the scattering tones.

    You notice the glass on the floor.

    You glance up…

    You notice what interrupted you.

    You are almost disappointed.

    **My entry for the TSR Short Story Competition**

    wow this is great. i am enjoying reading these stories.
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Updated: April 9, 2016
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