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Global warming is good for us

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    (Original post by DamnDaniel2)
    There are advantages and disadvantages for basically everything. Like someone said it won't be good for other countries.

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    Like who? Africa? Who cares

    (Original post by CAElite)
    The 2nd statement I completely agree with, short term everythings ****ed. Long term, nobody knows.

    1st statement. I said England, most notably the south east. London and the surrounding area average about ~30m above sea level. Thats close to "oh ****" terratory when SHTF. Meanwhile Scottish shipbuilding booms once again selling rafts to the yuppies!
    That's not most of the UK in terms of land area. Unless you were meaning that the most important parts of the UK (the ones around London) would be flooded?

    To quote Andy Parsons: 'Britain has got to be the only place that gets colder, while everywhere else it's getting hotter'.

    (Original post by Virgili)
    Like who? Africa? Who cares
    The millions of people living in those countries might care don't you think?

    Global warming may improve places like Canada and Alaska for humans, but places like Africa, Australia, South America and East Europe will become less inhabitable.
    I don't think scientists are certain about whether North West Europe will increase or decrease in temperature in the long term. Either would be quite destructive.

    Of course there are other effects such as rising sea levels.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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