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Girl I Work With?

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    There is this girl I like I work with.

    We all went out mad Friday and had a great night. Me her and a couple of others ended up staying out until about 4am.

    We had two weeks off for Christmas and she virtually liked everything I posted on Facebook. Even stuff she doesn't like. Like football, betting and guitars.

    We came back after Christmas and she has been really really flirty with me. Poking, pulling my hair, putting things down my back, offering me a back massage and tickling me. As as well as that flirty, micky taking banter.

    We've been out a a few times in groups and generally been really flirty with me.

    About a month she had a really bad day at work, one of the lads we worked with sent her flowers saying 'even ugly girls deserve flowers', who she had rejected 5 times and we went out another lad we work with came on really strong with. Se got a bit emotional and left. She messaged me saying sorry and that I was her hero and that she loved being around me.

    The Thursday before Easter me and her and another lad went out. She was all over me, holding hands, cuddling and touching me and we had a kiss.

    Although she put she had amazing night on Friday and a few selfies of me and her on Facebook with love hearts.

    Since then she's been really weird with me. We moved into a new office and we are quite far away from each other. But there was/is a rumour at work I'm seeing someone. Although I've tried to defuse the rumours.

    I know she goes out with the lad we work with as friends who sent flowers.

    I really like her. But I'm so confused.

    What are you asking
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    (Original post by Darien91)
    What are you asking
    Edited. Sorry.

    Hay if you want her from your heart and soul hope she will be back. Just wait. Good Luck!
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