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Progress? 18 y/o, 6'2, 190lbs, ~12%BF, 3 weeks into cut.

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    Hey everyone, just got back from the gym after hitting back and triceps as a part of a new split I'm working on.

    Gym was quite quiet being a Sunday and around noon, so I took the time to snap a few progress photos. The lighting wasn't brilliant, so I had to get up close to the mirror in order to get a decent shot.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share these photos to get your opinions. Does it look like I've made progress in the last year?

    These photos were taken today, 3 weeks into a cut which I've been slacking on for the last week or so.

    As a matter of fact, since I've been ill recently, I've taken a week off the gym reload and give my body a break. Before today, the last time I trained was April 1st. Since I've started the 'cut', I've been I'll 4-5 times with minor colds and sore throats. I seem to be fine now so hopefully it won't come on again.

    I should also note that I trained fasted today, so I'd imagine with some carbs in me I'd have gotten a better pump. I actually think my chest looks pretty damn pumped up considering I hit back and tris; must have been because I did close grip bench to the end of the workout.

    As a comparison you can see my display pic, which was taken this time last year a couple of weeks into a cut, funnily enough after a back session.

    I'd estimate I'm around 12% BF right now, with my aim being to get to 8% by the time we break up for summer.

    Also, I promise I do have visible abs :lol:, it's just my hands are in the way and the angle/lighting doesn't do them justice. They're about as visible as they are in my DP.

    I'd love to hear any comments/questions you have. Since I see myself in the mirror multiple times per day, it's hard to quantify progress, especially since I rarely take progress photos.

    Edit: for some reason I used snapchat to take the photos, so they're a bit blurry. The snapchat app doesn't seem to have as much image stabilisation as the regular camera app.
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    The second picture sort of makes your torso look like Abe's face :awesome:

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    (Original post by ByronicHero)
    The second picture sort of makes your torso look like Abe's face :awesome:

    Hahahaha yeah its the nipples :p:
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Updated: April 10, 2016
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