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Medway flatshare

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    I'm going to be a first year student at Kent's Medway campus and I am looking to flat share in Gillingham - I'm looking for people to buddy up with (preferably other first year Kent students)
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    (Original post by tpx1)
    as a medway alumni, I would recommend getting property in st mary's island or dockside flats (may be a bit expensive but cheaper than student accomodation when I was there alone; if you flat share, st marys is a very good choice). also they are closer to the uni, have better shops, access to more transport routes and the view from both is awsome (particularly the tower in dockside)
    thank you I will have a look into both of those!

    Hey, I've been studying here for a year now. The night life isn't great and I was lucky to have been able to stay with my parents. However, one thing that I did take away with me was the great "hangover service" lol. After a long night partying there's nothing better than a really cheap fry up from one of the many local cafes or there is a really good local company that I found. Shebakes is a really cool business, that provides baked goods from cookies to pancakes to whole cakes and even milkshakes at your request and delivers them to your door. What else is really good, she gives discounts to the uni students. Her social media presence isn't all that great yet, she has just opened an instagram accout and a twitter. But I would really recommed. Hmu if you want her info or any other general info about the course i study, social events etc xx
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