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Taste of War

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    Taste of War
    Wavering with fear, I draped my arms over your body, trying to protect what’s left of you, as a cold iced tear landed onto my blooded fingers tracing the outer reigns of your delicate heart. Who knew it would come to this, today of all days I have lost my other half. Oh how the weather has changed, the dark, tarnished silver clouds hovered above me. Screams of heart break, crying children and screeching ambulance sirens surrounded me as my mind travelled back to how the day began.

    ‘’Shush baby shush mummy is going to bring your food okay’’, She stared back at me for a moment, and I almost leaped with joy. Until the telephone rang and the flood of tears and screams erupted out of her. ‘’Aiden! Come and pick up the phone, I almost got her to keep quiet!’’ I watched him as he jogged down the stairs, making his way to pick up the phone. It didn’t surprise me as he changed routes and made his way towards our so called bundle of joy. Leaping back and forth in her highchair, the tears suddenly stopped as she opened her wide eyes with excitement reaching for his arms. He laughed as he hoisted her onto his shoulder simultaneously answering the phone.

    ‘’…France, Russia and UK airstrikes begin…’’ blasted out the TV as Aiden put up the volume. ‘’Yes I see the news Sergeant…’’ His voice faded as my eyes began to blur. It felt as if time froze, and my heart stopped beating with it. I had feared this day would come. The announcements of the beginning of WW3 continued blaring in the distance. It all happened in a blur. My hands let go of the pan as I turned off the gas reaching for my baby Sarah. Aiden moved the kitchen table, pulled off the rug whilst opening the underground storage. The emergency kit.

    Oh how I wished we would never have to use it.

    Who knew it would come to this? I broke down. A noise I had never heard before ripped out of my body, as I dropped onto the ground. My eyes caught the shimmer of a ring. Our wedding ring. A symbol imprinted across it, double looped circles, symbolizing our double infinity love. Moments later I had noticed I was crying tears I had never cried before as I screamed at the top of my voice. Slowly I dragged myself closer to his limp body, sitting on my knees I pulled him onto my lap as his lifeless eyes stared back at me.

    Wavering with fear, I draped my arms over your cold blood filled body, trying to protect what’s left of you, as a cold iced tear landed onto my dark red blooded fingers tracing the outer reigns of your delicate heart. Our daughter is safe Aiden, I whispered as my warm lips landed on his cold cheeks. I love you Aiden, for more than double the infinity.

    *My submission for the short story competition*

    A war theme? I like it, I like it.
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    (Original post by ZiggyStarDust_)
    A war theme? I like it, I like it.
    Thank you!, good luck with yours
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Updated: April 10, 2016
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