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Getting more desparate to find love

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    As each year passes, I get more and more desperate to find love because as I get older, it becomes harder to find women with no baggage (ie kids, divorced etc). I don't think a women with kids will suit a guy like me who has never had a relationship? Also, it seems that single women over 25 don't exists, apart from online.

    Ok let me see

    The Age Factor
    First of all you mention 'over 25', are you a lot older than that? Keep in mind the average age gap in couples in the UK is between 2 and 7 years with a 10 year gap not uncommon , think about this to make sure youre not making your search even harder to find

    The right place
    As youve said, singles over 25 are hard to find....or is it just your area?

    Are you going to places ( not intentionally just on the side when youre there for work/shopping/on holiday etc)

    Are you going to places within places, dont just go to the cliche clubs and parks try the library, music events, sport events or museums/orchestras-whatever you enjoy, meeting someone with similar tastes is good

    Online dating
    By all means try it out, as youve said it can get you to a particular age group quickly and match you efficiently on interests if you dont have much time maybe go on a few dates there

    Any Compromises?
    Make sure you know what youre looking for. Eg, you know you dont want 'baggage' and I guess you dont want a heavy smoker or drinker either, any other severe strict no gos?

    What about what you want? Kindness, activeness, someone partial to anime or MMA?

    Once you broadly know, think like them, where you go if you were like them. the library, the park?

    No offence meant in this bit but are you the best you could be?

    Are you reasonably fit?

    Reducing any addictions actively?

    Have a confident/smiling personality?

    (you mention youve never dated so hows your flirting game/humour game?)

    Have economic independence?

    Good Luck!
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Updated: April 10, 2016
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