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Tips for living at home while at uni?

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    My parents have been pretty adamant on me living at home for my first year of uni. I'm hoping to go to Glasgow and I live about half an hour away so the journey isn't so bad. I don't mind so much because I'll be saving money and my family life is a little disjointed right now. My mum and dad are still married but my dad is working in Newcastle so he isn't here during the week. I sometimes the ink their marriage is going through a bit of a rough time right now. He's pretty distant when he's at home anyway. My mum is on her own with me and my younger brother and I think she is struggling with the change. We live in an area that's a hotspot for crime and we were burgled three times in 2015 alone. The worst of which took place in the dead of night when we were upstairs asleep and thieves made off with our car after taking the keys from our kitchen.

    My mum is understandably shaken up and she sometimes wakes up late at night after hearing a noise and gets me to go downstairs and check that everything is okay (she's pretty slim and is only 5ft tall. Im the same height but I'm quite muscled and well built and took martial arts for years along with self defence courses). I don't blame them at all for wanting me to stay home given the circumstances and if I was to move out now I'd honestly feel guilty about leaving them while they need as much support as they can get. They've not been too harsh and are letting me move out in my second year of uni but until then how can I ensure I still have a social life? I've always been an extraverted and social person and my birthday falls on August 31st. Perfect timing for freshers! I want to go out and meet new people but how can I do this if I live away? Any tips for biding my time and not climbing the walls with boredom until I can move out?

    Screw them, move out for the all the years

    You move out, that's how you deal with it.

    yeah get out now you got to start being you if that m,akes sence

    I stayed at home during my first year as well (I study at Glasgow too !)

    I lived 20 mins away by car so the distance wasnt too bad to manage.

    In terms of a social life, that was the one thing that I had to adjust to as sometimes after lectures everyone would quickly nip back to halls and then meet up again at the Union, but for me to do that would be much more time consuming and it would take me longer to go home and then come back in.

    For nights out, if you make friends with people in halls then they are always good at letting you sleep on their couch but obviously it is not the best.

    Tbh I would advise moving out for first year, as moving out in second year will be tougher as the students in halls will all get flats together and then you are left trying to find people who need an extra roomate.

    I lived at home, but then i didnt go out as much during first year, but it sounds like you would want to so halls is a much better living environment.

    Hope this helps !
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Updated: April 13, 2016
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