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A Level ICT vs Computing

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    So I currently do IT GCSE and get A* highs in all the tests and I am very strong in IT and know all of the stuff before being taught it (I spend nearly all my time at a computer)
    I am aware that IT GCSE is seen as somewhat of a soft subject, is IT A level?

    I would do computing at A level, but I don't know ANY programming or of the stuff such as northbridge and the theory of things other than computer hardware, so it would be extremely extremely difficult.

    So, is IT A level seen as a soft option? The UNI Courses I want to do only require physics, but also recommend either IT or computing at A level, and I would do physics too.


    Many people in my class took Computing as a soft subject and boy are they regretting it. Take it if you think you can dedicate yourself to a subject that is mostly comprised of tedios project work (i.e documentation). The programming aspect isn't the difficult part, your teacher can help you with all that... It's the theory exam that everyone hates - in the case of the Welsh (WJEC) board anyway. You could get the same question that's appeared before and answer it with the answers in the old marks scheme and yet you'd still be unlikely to get full marks. It's an absolute piss take.

    I can't be sure about the IT A level but the Applied IT a-level course is definitely a good one. You get real world experience and can help you if you're looking to do a course like ITMB.

    ICT is useless. Computing/Computer science is more valued and requires more effort. You learn basic programming, logic skills and how the computer works not "Effect of ICT on society" where it's 90% memorization.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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