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Brunel or London Southbank??

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    I am really struggling to make a decision between my 2 fist-choice unis and would really appreciate some advice/experience on either/both universities. Brunel was originally my first choice by a mile, however, after further research, commuting to inevitable work placements would be very expensive and I fear that the NCTJ accreditation is soon to be null-and-void, as Journalism, with regards to technology, is shifting it further from tradition which NCTJ seems to be based upon. I have been in contact with London Southbank (LSBU) and they have said that they fully expect the course to be BJTC accredited within 24 months, meaning that I would leave with an accredited degree. It is far more central than Brunel, and would therefore offer more scope than Brunel with regards to that. I believe that LSBU is an up-and-coming university, but it is still very low in league tables. League tables, whilst they're important, are less important to me as I believe that as long as I am somewhere I am happy, I will thrive. Having said this, there must be a reason why student satisfaction isn't as high as other places, and really I'd just like to know why. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't attend an open day at LSBU, and at my interview I only saw the Journalism facilities and not the accommodation/library/other facilities etc, and there's only so much you can see on these 'virtual tours'- so how are these facilities in comparison to Brunel's? I would really appreciate hearing back from anyone who may offer me some advice and share their experience at either university to help me make my decision. Thank you!

    Hi, well from the looks of the uni charts, id say Brunel statistically looks like the better option, and seems WAY better than southbank which always seems to be at the very bottom. But id also say if your more interested which ot the unis teach the course you've chosen at better quality, then i guess going to any of the unis regardless of the rankings wouldn't matter(AS Long as grad prospects of getting jobs after they finish the course is avg quite high)

    But if your looking for a good course and a uni that has dicent stuff you can do whilst your not studying (e.g. nightlife, clubs etc) try working out which of the 2 uis you might want to choose.

    For student reviews and stuff, check out the uni's on sites like: which uni


    and another like theunipod.co.uk

    Hope this helps!

    P.S Hands down i think your hot
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