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Biology students!

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    What A-level subjects did you take, and in what area of biological sciences are you now specialising?

    Ethereal World might be able to help you

    (Original post by blooptop)
    What A-level subjects did you take, and in what area of biological sciences are you now specialising?
    A Levels: Geography, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, General Studies (:rofl:)

    I took a biological sciences degree and well you do everything in the first year and have no choice so

    -cell biology

    Then in second year I specialised in much more biochemistry and molecular aspects so my modules were

    -dynamic cell (cellular level stuff)
    -DNA and disease
    -Mathematical Biology
    -Infection and Immunity
    -microbes and interactions with host

    Then weirdly in my final year despite the fact I took none of the behaviour and evolution modules in my second year I specialised a lot in evolutionary biology so did

    -Evolution of genomes
    -sexual conflict (evolutionary behaviour of males and females - fascinating)
    -Quantitative and evolutionary genetics

    I also did a final year project on genome and proteome evolution in bacteria and how the guanine-cytosine content of their genomes is important in bacterial evolution.

    And then I did some random modules in:
    -biotechnology (especially the political aspects)
    -vaccines and health interventions
    -biological psychology (the biological/mathematical basis of psychological phenomena)

    Zargabaath thanks for the tag. I responded very comprehensively above

    A levels were: Economics, English Lit, Geography, Psychology and Maths. Covered biology and chemistry during an access course a few years later.

    I specialised in cellular and molecular biology, picking all of my optional modules from microbiology and biotechnology.

    Final year project involved trying to get biofuels from algae. Most of it died and the final yield was pathetic. So much for my attempts to solve one of the great problems of our time.

    A Levels: Biology, Maths and Psychology
    AS Levels: Chemistry and Religious Studies

    I'm a second year currently drifting towards specialising in Virology or Bioinformatics.
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Updated: April 19, 2016
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