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Which firms will give TCs without a Vacation scheme?

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    Do anyone know of particular firms where it's worth applying directly for a training contract even if you haven't done a vacation scheme? It's hard to tell from the websites...I've come to this a bit late so only got 1 vacation scheme but planning to do some direct applications to commercial firms....

    This is a generalisation but will give you an idea of what firms to look at. Look at the number of vac scheme places vs the number of TCs available.

    Firms will typically convert (accepted offers) somewhere between 50-70% of their vac schemers, so unless their ratio of vac schemes to TCs is higher than 1.5 : 1 then it's probably worth while applying to that firm. If the ratio is in favour of TCs then there's even more rationale to apply directly to them.

    The Lawyer2B has a nifty training contract comparison tool on their website where you can see the TC and vac scheme numbers and compare them quite easily (http://l2b.thelawyer.com/training-co...omparison-tool). It even lists how many of their trainees did a vac scheme!
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    Thanks so much for this helpful reply!

    This is such a broad question. There are so many firms knocking around the place.

    There's a lot of places that don't mind. Two of the places I've applied to have offered me some sort of work experience in the interim. A firm in Plymouth offered me work experience. (Now to get myself down to Plymouth for a bit during a break!!) and the other place has offered me a paid internship for the foreseeable, I'm there now

    Usually if you've sent in an application and they like it and it clearly impresses them then it pretty much negates the question of have you had work experience/Vac scheme there or not. They'll just give you the chance to do so "with a view to further opportunities..."

    But from what I've seen and heard this "view" is more or less you're top of the pile when vacancies arise.

    (Probably worth me mentioning that I'm talking high street/regional as opposed to massive city firms!)
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Updated: April 15, 2016
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