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Best book(s) for autodidactic study?

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    I'm currently studying AS maths and AS Physics (the new specification), and next academic year will be studying A level physics, biology and chemistry (the new specifications).

    I am studying at home without a teacher, and using the CGP books.

    The CGP maths book is very good, and I like the style of the physics book but it contains many errors, which are especially awkward to deal with without a teacher (I use Google, Yahoo answers and Stack Exchange when I get stuck).

    I will need to buy my books for next year soon. Considering my situation, which books would you recommend that I buy?

    Thank you for your time,


    I like Advanced Physics by Tom Duncan

    on the positives it's got descriptions of a lot of the classic classroom demos which you probably won't be getting from self teaching... otoh it was noted as being a bit old fashioned and formally rigorous in this review which itself is now 15 years old.

    The content of the specs hasn't changed much tbh, worst risk with Duncan is IMO that you'd spend time learning things that have been dropped.

    I think there does seem to be more mistakes in modern books than ones of that era - perhaps they don't check them properly anymore.
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