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The Brexiteers Hidden Agenda

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    (Original post by mojojojo101)
    To be fair, they have a pretty strong incentive to lie.

    I mean of they did want to make people work longer hours for less pay in worse conditions they aren't going to tell them that because then they would lose, resoundingly.
    Except the quotation is from the head of the REMAIN campaign. ^^

    I feel we should leave the EU. I'm not a racist, I'm not scum.

    (Original post by Davij038)

    Additionally- in the words of ukips former business spokesman 'British workers are lazy and won't do the work'. Having spent six years on a council estate I assure you that in my experience the natives will on the whole Not be prepared to do the labour provided by Eastern Europeans.
    They already do. In the sweatshop warehouse business there is a strong mixture of polish and English in my experience. It's this ridiculing and despising of English working class people that is helping them to vote for the likes of UKIP and helps fuel any prejudice/dislike of the Poles and other foreigners they work with. If you have a crap job and labour are busy calling you lazy and so on and UKIP are saying we will increase your pay by sending the immigrants home who are they going to vote for?
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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