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Is 24 too old to start university and live in halls?

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    haha now that is inspirational however i'm more concerned over the social aspect of it more than anything

    I am also a little worried about this - I'm 24, going to UCL and will be living in halls... I'm most anxious about the social aspect. Don't get me wrong I enjoy going out maybe once a month or so but there is no way I can hack drinking every night over the 'freshers' weeks. My hangovers are just so awful now that it takes me a good 2 or 3 days to fully recover and to be honest I just don't really want to stay up all night anymore...

    Will I be expected to join in? Will it ruin my chances of bonding if I don't party every night? ahhhhh so many questions...

    If I was studying anywhere else I wouldn't go into halls, but because it's London I think it's easier as a starting point.. Otherwise I could end up being a very isolated small fish in a massive pond!

    There is nothing wrong with going in halls in your 20s. You just have to remember two things:
    1. 18 year olds will behave differently and you have to not be judgemental and let them have their fun.
    2. 18 year olds will also expect you to behave a little more maturely because of your age. They will respect you for this but if you try and act like an 18 year old to "fit in" they will find it a bit cringey.

    In my halls there were 2 guys in their mid 20s.

    One had come to uni after spending time in the Navy, he had a long term girlfriend at home. He came out and socialised quite often but in a bit of a different way. He skipped the school disco freshers events and more silly stuff, but he also organised some hall parties as he was confident at meeting people from other parts of the hall and because of his age and general authority he was able to have some social influence. Some weekends he went back home to spend time with his girlfriend and he spent a lot of time studying but he did come out quite a bit when he was there. Also he was a good mature presence in the halls, if something broke or an incident happened he was good at sorting stuff out like when there was a massive argument or one time when some locals came on the halls grounds being idiots he got them to go. So he was generally popular and fitted in with everyone, people just gave him his space and didn't expect him to be doing drinking games/hall pranks.

    The other guy was 25 but basically acted like he was trying to be 18, he tried to ingratiate himself with the group but was always a bit cringey especially as he was always trying to hit on the girls, and one time he did find a girlfriend for about a month and when they broke up he was such a drama queen about it, never shutting up about it. He was skipping uni because he was so hung over, playing computer games in his room and bragging about how he had to do 12,000 words worth of essays the night before they were due in and so on. Now all that stuff is common for 18 year olds but the general view from the freshers was...hmm even if some of us are like that now, we won't behave like that when we're 25? I think the worst thing was how he was with the girls, always wanting to hug them, touch their hair on nights out, continuous innuendos, he thought that as he was older they would all fancy him but he became someone everyone talked about and the girls made fun of. Whereas they all quite liked the first guy.

    So just a lesson in how to conduct yourself as a mature student.
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Updated: July 8, 2016
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