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Illustration- UWE vs Brighton????

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    Helloo everyone, I have been given unconditional offers for illustration for my top two choices,Brighton and UWE,but having a really difficult time deciding between the two!! I know Brighton has an amazing reputation for illustration,is really hard to get into and the city seems great,however i've heard Brighton halls aren't very nice and i'm not sure how good the nightlife is. Bristol has the perfect nightlife nd culture scene for me, great acom in the centre but the uni isn't as acclaimed as Brighton and i live in Bath so its pretty close to home. Does anyone know anything about either of them or have any advice that can help me make a decision ??? thank u

    It's Probably a bit late now but I was in the exact situation as you and decided on uwe. Although Brighton appears to have a very good reputation, uwe so has a good reputation. When I had an interview at Brighton and I got to ask questions, I didn't get a good vibe from the place. And I love to print make and to be told that there would be only a day a week available to illustration to print, they said if it's too busy, I'd still may not be able to do it when I want too.
    UWE on the other hand felt very welcoming and friendly and I felt that they can cater for everything I may want to explore in illustration Eg 3D, screenprint etc.
    In terms of night life, both are meant to be amazing. Brighton however is a top destination for hen and stag parties on the weekend so you can imagine it would get very rowdy.
    Accommodation is very iffy for both. Like they're both going to be expensive due to the fact they're in a city. In terms of halls, there is more to choose from for Uwe where as Brighton only had limited rooms available otherwise you're going to have to look into housing.
    I live in Gloucester so like you, Uwe is easier to get to. However Brighton in general is really awkward to get to a there is no direct train.

    Personally I preferred UWE but it was based off the vibe of the place when I visited and what they had to offer so that I could grow as an illustrator.

    All the best with your decision
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