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Failed 1st Driving Test (Before leaving the Test Centre) - My Experience

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    Hi Guys,

    Today I had my first ever driving test after 40 hours of driving lessons and no private practice and unfortunately I have failed. I'm a little annoyed about it, but I feel that I'll learn from my mistakes so I'll be able to avoid them in the future.

    I was pretty confident at first and I answered the 'Show me, tell me' questions with ease. My examiner then told me to do a Reverse Bay Park, which was the only thing I didn't practice an hour before the test. I screwed up the Bay Park, parking in the middle of two spaces, as I lost focus by the driving instructors watching me in the DVLA building in front and messing up my reference point. That's when I got the major.

    After a while, the examiner told me to stop trying to maneuver and then headed out of the building. I had 14 minors afterwards which was bad and I'll list them here:

    1 x gears
    2 x parking brake
    2 x move off safety
    2 x move off control
    2 x signals correctly
    2 x road markings
    4 x undue hesitation

    Part of these were mainly due to really bad external events such as an emergency ambulance speeding past, but I couldn't believe I got so many faults, especially with undue hesitation. I think messing up with the reverse bay park and knowing that I already failed before leaving the test centre is probably a big factor.

    My next test is 3 months from now so hopefully I'll be fine for then!

    Please do share your experiences on how you did on your driving test.

    8 minors, can't remember what they were though. I don't drive anything like I did for my test now though.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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