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The British Empire - was it worth it?

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    (Original post by Rakas21)
    We only pulled back because expending resources on a fight for about a third of the modern US seemed pointless at the time (plus we had no planes back then). The people of India and Africa were also not advanced like the whites that had come to the US, Australia and Canada. How would your rebellion have coped with being carpet bombed from above.
    To be fair, the war of independence was lost due to incompetence in the early days; twas on both sides but the British incompetence had the greater effect given that it meant not capitalising on the rebel incompetence

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    (Original post by Rakas21)
    While there were certainly some kingdoms that were pretty peaceful and prosperous, a fair amount of modern day India had waring states just like Europe. I'm also far from convinced you'd have been much better off given that you wasted 50 years post independence and had Soviet sympathies.
    I do no associate myself with the rest of India, Punjab only.

    After a nation had faced injustice for a generation, you expect it suddenly be up and ready again when they are independent. The nation is still corrupt, the rights of minorities are not recognised, with people in power merely puppets to those who actually control the country. Had Britain not invaded, this would not be the case.

    This is the reason why my family decided to leave India, or else why would we. They hoped theie children would have a better life here. They left everything behind, their land, their wealth, and came here with absolutely nothing to start from scratch. Imagine what state India must be in for Them to incur such hardships and start a new life here.
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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