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Songs requested for getting through relationship issues

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    Okay, this feels dumb, honestly-
    Me and my girl've been through rough waters recently
    Both went off with other people for a few weeks, and while it's not that big of a deal, it's hit me hard due to my disorder, and the fact I always cling onto bad things and struggle to see the good in stuff

    I just need a bunch of songs, preferably NOT pop music, that're all themed around building things back up, or "Hey, we'll get through this, don't worry"

    It'll only be a temporary pick me up, but worries seem to fade when a good song hits my feelings-

    Poets of the fall have kinda been my thing for the time being, since they're so passionate and the lyrics hit home, which may be a dramatisation

    So yeah, any help would be appreciated, especially from girls, since I'd like her to hear a few too; not as some romantic gesture- we're two years together, and we're past that kinda soppy stuff, and she's probably hurting too much for it to mean much

    Thanks in advance; and I'll keep her happy and be better-

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    You go to Spotify, tidal, deezer, illegal download, iTunes/whatever music you use (not YouTube, it won't work for this)
    Search for '808s and Heartbreak'
    Find the Kanye west album
    Listen to it

    When I intensely dislike someone I usually send them this song

    Edit: ignore the mother bit that's a bit weird. Focus on despise and cry.

    Another good one. If somebody is leading me along just a reminder that two can play that game: :cool:

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    Sorry for the deadness-
    I meant more songs for when you and your partner have troubles, and you need a pick-me-up song to kind of help you along, and keep moving forward-
    It's all good now though-
    We went through hell, and've made it back ^^

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Updated: April 19, 2016
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