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Eng lang What did i get out of 8? // AQA

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    So i did a practice question 3 just now (june 2014 higher) because I was having trouble with that question, but watched mrbruff's 2 videos on it and i think it really helped me but i'm not sure if I said exactly what the question asked :s

    In paragraph 1, Cash Peters experiences a feeling of being let down, whih is evident in the short pessimistic endings of his sentences "there isn't". He used "I suppose" to reflect his boredness and writes of the insects pestering him which shows the reader how he seems to be itching in his own skin but also how everything around him seems to be annoying him.

    In the middle of the article, he starts to get scared as he realises how vast the ocean is. This seems to be justifying his feelings towards Vanuatu: he is not used to be so alone.

    When Cash Peters uses a direct quote from his mind "You idiot signing that goddamned contract" he feels a sense of being able to change his future, although that feeling is in the past and a feeling he doesn't articulate in the present.

    The article then stops describing his current situation and present thoughts and feelings and focuses on how similar the experience is to being lost as a child: how alone and bewildered he was. Overall in the article, the writer blames noone but himself, which is reflected in the imagery of the dark night where he is faced with no one but himself.

    Its annoying becasue it seems to suit a literature exam even :/ but yeah any help would be great last mock exams i achieved low a*s but i want higher because my coursework was an a
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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