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Under 18 going to GP?

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    So I've been feeling really stressed and depressed and my GCSE's are coming up.... can I go to the doctor myself and get Antidepressents and leave my parents out of it; I really don't want to involve them?

    Yeah you can. Usually there are special clinics for young people to go to. You can also get confidential help from school counselors and nurses.

    They'll automatically see you alone provided you're at least 16. Not 18.

    And antidepressants to literally zilch unless you're genuinely ill. Stress doesn't fall under the banner of mental illness.

    At your age they're highly unlikely to just put you on antidepressants at the drop of a hat. They'll want to properly assess you and get you try non drug related therapies first. Most won't prescribe them to those under 18 unless they're deemed a danger to themselves.

    Secondly even if they did give you antidepressants it's not an instant fix. For one it can take weeks-months for them to have an affect and furthermore you may not get along with the ones they initially give you. Antidepressants are trial and error and it could be a long time before you find one that suits you.

    Confidentiality depends on your age and whether they deem you to be a harm to yourself/others. If under 16 confidentiality may be up to the doctors discretion depending on situation as far as I am aware (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) I remember reading the confidentially guidelines once and this is vaguely what I remember.

    you can see your doctor alone and talk to them (and in theory receive treatment providing you can demonstrate you understand the consequences etc), providing you're not deemed a risk to yourself/others than that should stay confidential... however, they are not going to prescribe you anti depressants at your age with no other intervention and no family support, you might get a referral to mental health services but they may want to see how things go with that as well

    EDIT: I would advise speaking to someone at school, there will probably be a school counsellor/nurse or something who you will be able to speak to sooner than someone in your local mental health unit

    (Original post by LilStunna)
    So I've been feeling really stressed and depressed and my GCSE's are coming up.... can I go to the doctor myself and get Antidepressents and leave my parents out of it; I really don't want to involve them?
    At 16 and above you have complete confidentiality. If you want help, don't let peoples opinions on what the antidepressants may or may not do stop you. Its always worth a shot eh? All the best
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