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Please help me with this!

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    As the title says, I need help. I'm studying Sociology and by now it's my second year. Because I missed a lot of lectures due to family and personal issues, now I'm struggling with one of my assignments that involves presentation and case study. The presentation is due this Thursday morning and I don't know what to do. My lecturer has asked us to produce our own case study by producing our own question that needs to be answered. It goes like this:

    Study will be undertaken as an individual project and will be a critical analysis of a specific issue in popular culture that is chosen by you. This will allow you to share expertise, to demonstrate what you have learnt from general reading, lectures and seminars on the theories and evidence about popular culture and also allow you to apply this knowledge to a specific issue of your choice. It is an opportunity to demonstrate what you are interested in and what you can do without the normal restrictions on choice. Of course, each case study will be different, but whatever you choose to look at, you must start with a specific question that you have set yourself and will be attempting to answer in an academic way. It should be structured like an essay. Examples might look something like: “Was Sigourney Weaver’s character Ripley an icon for feminism in the Alien quadrilogy of films?” or “Is hip hop and rap music misogynistic?” Overall, your analysis should be informed by a general theory or theories of popular culture. In this respect, it is important that you explicitly reference your analysis to academic debates throughout the case study, rather than have a separate ‘section’ on theory. As a consequence, there should be an extensive references list at the end. Possible theoretical influences may include:
    • Americanisation – e.g. examine a particular genre of music (e.g. Chas and Dave’s ‘Rockney’ style) or a particular song.
    • Feminism – Feminist theory can be used to analyse texts from romantic novels to films e.g. “Is Thelma and Louise a feminist film?” And in this section I wanted to focus on "feminism". Then he asked us to choose indicative content - the things we could look at, such as shopping, tourism, fashion, television celebrity, advertising and so on and on. The list is pretty huge and has more details, but I just want to know whether I can find anyone who can give me some ideas, help me out with this, because I seriously don't understand this myself, plus I'm also facing some language difficulties because I'm from different country. Is there anyone who can help me out? Please!

    I uploaded a guidance with what needs to be done.
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