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Brighton or Nott Trent uni?

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    Hi there, currently super stuck and frustrated on whether to choose to go to Brighton or Nott Trent for uni.

    Nott trent has a better building (better facilities etc) however Brighton as a city appeals to me much more. I don't want to sacrifice my education and future for current happiness but taking into consideration the fact that I'll be living here for the next 4 years, it's super important to find somewhere that I'll be happy.

    I have to choose one or the other for firm/insurance before applying for accomodation so there's a bit of pressure (only 2/3 of brighton students get into halls as theyre so over subscribed so I really need to make this decision asap)

    Any advice would be welcome, Im planning to study business management w/ marketing

    thanks x

    I agree that you should go where you will be happiest. I don't think facilities are that important, every good university will have adequate facilities - but the novelty of studying in a flashy building will wear off. Look at the course/module options carefully and choose the one which interests you most.

    I would honestly go with where you'll be most happy! You will be living there for 4 years, if you didn't like where you're living you would find yourself going home a lot more and not enjoying yourself. I'm from Nottingham and I've made Brighton my firm choice. Nottingham is good, has a good nightlife but Brighton is completely different as a place! It has the seaside, a lot more goes on etc. Brighton for me was a gut feeling and i'm so glad i went with it! Accommodation is a pain in Brighton, but it's not done on a first come first serve basis, they take in consideration where you live and that. But you shouldn't let that stop you from going. I applied to uni's that had better buildings and facilities but like i said i went with my gut feeling and where I would be happy.

    Also compare the universities/courses, look at the top rankings for your course, that helps too!
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    Hey, thank you to both of you, I firmed Brighton today! It makes sense to go the uni I'd be happier in because you can't perform as well in a place you're not satisfied with (regardless of how the bulding looks). Managed to speak to a few people from Brighton uni too and they said it was the best choice they'd ever made so im superrrr excited now

    Once again, thanks! the answers really helped in making the decision

    I'd personally go for Brighton. Lovely city on the South coast.

    Personally I wouldn't recommend midland cities, they're not for everyone. The nightlife is generally good (good in that there's always somewhere to go, if you can put up with Top 40 garbage) but other than that it tends to be pretty rough (especially now). With the rise of poverty and homelessness you can't really go anywhere without some poor sod telling you about their awful life and then asking you for some money. That might sound horrible but it gets to you after a while, it's not something you want to put up with when you're supposed to be enjoying yourself for 3 years. I found the idea of studying in a big UK city outside of London in the north/midlands (which is where most of them are) appealing but I regret it now. You can have fun pretty much wherever you go, you might as well go somewhere nice.

    Also I wouldn't worry about not getting into halls - 1/3 sounds like a lot of people so there's bound to be loads of things organised for people in your situation (societies and social events). Also as a warning, it's usually dickheads who have the best time in halls, so it's not all that great.

    NTU is a good uni, but there isn't much happening in the city, other than shopping centres and sometimes it is quite isolated, I guess grass is greaner comes into the context, but both uni's will probably make you feel similarily after 2 or 3 years there. After all you are going to get a degree

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