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    I am wanting to train to be a paramedic and go to Brighton Uni in September 2017. Currently Brighton Uni is funded by the NHS to train Paramedics but our wonderful government has decided to cut all NHS funding for students and make us apply for student finance as of August 2017.

    Which would be fine, except Ive been to Uni before. I did not have a degree but I did get funding for 3 years - I never actually finished the second year.

    I do have a genuine reason why I dropped out, which was a seriously personal issue. But I have no idea how I'll 'prove' this as I didnt take action at the time.

    Im so heartbroken at this unfair system I'm on the edge of tears.

    As far as I know, NHS degrees are exempt from the ELQ rules on second degrees so you should be able to get a loan.

    Hi there.

    The rules regarding ex-NHS funded courses and previous study in the 17/18 Academic year have not been clarified as yet, so we're unable to give you any accurate advice at the moment.

    If you keep an eye online for any changes, it's likely there will be further info close to application launch at the beginning of next year.

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Updated: April 13, 2016
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