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adivce; what do you think my car is worth?

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    Hi all,

    I have very recently got myself a BMW Z3 and well, my wife has lost her job so owning a car of that nature along with our general family car is going to cost to much.

    The following specs are:
    BMW Z3, 2.0ltr 150BHP T-reg (1999)
    Leather interior
    soft top roadster-selling with outdoor protective cover and some kinnd of cover you put over the roof when it is folded down.
    71,000 miles
    part service history
    12 months mot
    alloys and new tyres just fitted (all 4)

    The car is in good condition considering its age, a few minor scratches from general use.

    I bought it for £2,000 and on autotrader the cheapest at that mileage and the 1.9 is £3000. I know it is a shot in the dark but any ideas?

    Z3's are just about into classic car status now and prices of good ones are going up.
    I sold my 2.8 with 60k on the clock for 4250 2 years ago. I'd expect to see 6 grand for the same car today.

    So many have been cubed now that buyers are now buying them up on condition and treating them as toys. Fewer are used as every day cars - not that you can't do that if you want.

    Something to consider is your location - you'll need to price it cheap if you live on, for example, stornoway in scottland, but you can ask a premium for a drop top if you're based in surrey for example?

    Without seeing the car it's hard to make a judgement as at this age it's condition and history that make a car a thing of value vs the rest.

    Write a good advert, take some good pictures, put the car up at £3450 ono with a view to shaking someones hand at any offer over £2750.
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    That is grand. I will sort something out. Thank you for the advice
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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