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Best contemporary music courses

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    I am a student pursuing an undergrad degree in Economics from the University of Delhi. I have been learning the piano for a few years and am interested in making a career in music. I currently have a grade 4 certificate in piano and a grade 2 certificate in Music theory from ABRSM.
    I plan to apply for an undergrad course in music (B.Mus) in UK in a few years after completing my grade 8 in piano and gaining some proficiency in guitar for working upon as a second instrument. I come from an upper middle class background in Delhi and can afford a 9000 pound/year course at max after taking up part time jobs in UK and studying. I wish to enter my B.Music course after completing an M.A in Economics due to the financial constraints and lack of job security in a place like India. Music has been my passion for a lot of years now and I desperately need some professional guidance and exposure to an artistically stimulating environment. Primarily, I want to pursue music in the genres of Rock, Jazz and Blues coupled with my existing knowledge over Indian Classical and work as a performing and recording artist (or anything else related to music that I can get my hands on). There is nothing else in the world that gives me as much peace and happiness as music does, literally. I have a decent command over the English language, have done a short course on creative writing from the British Council, New Delhi.
    What I am looking for is advice on best colleges in UK(preferably London) to study contemporary music(reviews on London Centre for Contemporary Music, BIMM, Academy of Contemporary Music, etc are all welcome), a few tips on financing education for an international student with a Masters in Economics and a C2 level proficiency in English through part time work(without compromising on the music education) and the chances for making a career and settling down in UK permanently with a career in music performance.
    I know the idea of pursuing music after completing a masters seems silly and very unconventional, but due to the limited resources and my family's objections to such a pursuit I'm having to follow such a path where I have something to fall back upon and at least pay-off the loans I might incur in the process.
    Every small bit of advice being offered by any one is highly appreciated.

    No idea, but perhaps The_Lonely_Goatherd can help?

    (Original post by Snufkin)
    No idea, but perhaps The_Lonely_Goatherd can help?
    Sadly I can only advise on certain universities/conservatoires at a basic level on their classical music degree programmes. I do not have any knowledge of the types of courses mention
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