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Should we break up?

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    Hey c:
    I've been with my boyfriend for 5 months now but we were best friends before and the majority of the time have an amazing relationship; we can talk about anything and are really comfortable with one another however...

    He is quite arrogant sometimes and makes "humorous" comments which I (being the rather sensitive type) am starting to get affected by.
    E.g. 'Do you HAVE a memory?' and (to my mum) 'It's this one we're waiting for AGAIN.' among other similar comments which he intends as jokes but according to my mum they sound sincere :/ The worst thing is my mum says it's exactly how my Dad spoke to her which ended up with the destruction of her confidence and their marriage

    (I have spoken to him about this issue twice before now)
    So I'm very confused what to do :/ do I try to ignore these comments or do acknowledge that they will eventually cause problems in the future and end it sooner rather than later? helppp D;

    My personal plan

    First warning
    Second warning
    Then out

    You've tried to speak to him about this twice before because it upsets you, and he's still carrying on. Get out of there.

    looool. it's just banter aha. you're not meant to take it seriously (this would what i would say if i were in a relatinoship with a female who acted like that). i would just advice him to tone it down abit (as it seems like he's not one to be calm. that is, he loves his jokes and LOVES to take his jokes to heights unknown with no indication of stopping.) and relax. that's it. no need to take you or your relationship that seriously. he's only trying to have a laugh. i'm saying this, as he seems like a typical, laddish-type, coffee/caffeine addicted, edm-fanatic; addidas-wearing, bomber-jacket holding; idiotic hipster.

    all he needs is to calm down. if he doesn't calm down though, then i'd like leave the dude. he obviously doesn't vibe with you (personally, i'm not too keen on being friends with them either from a males' point of view. i find those ****ers don't know when to stop with a joke; but that's just me)

    personally, i find that you guys aren't the best match for each other; as he constantly has a high energy type of deal with him and you're more the type who would love those type of energies, but would prefer it in doses rather than constantly.

    He should know that if it is upsetting you then he shouldn't be doing it, the fact you are asking the question suggests that maybe you are best off out of it.
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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