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Please Help! Any ideas for boutique consultancies or other options?

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    Hi there,

    I applied to the big 4 but unfortunately was only eligible for one of them as I didn't do that well in my A-Levels.

    Long story short, I had no intention of going into something that looked that closely at your A-Level results until a few years after leaving school; I worked as a musician for a while.

    Anyway, I completed a foundation year as I didn't do the right subjects at school to study physics, and achieved the equivalent of AAA in A-Level maths, further maths and physics, and now I'm on track to graduate with a high 2:1 or possibly a 1:1 this year. Unfortunately though, this doesn't seem to carry much weight with the big 4 or other consulting firms.I did get through to the assessment centre with said big 4 but annoyingly I messed up the written exercise, I stupidly hadn't done any practice for it as I couldn't afford one of the ridiculously expensive practice packages, but I'm confident in future I could do much better. They were adamant that I should reapply next year as I did really well in everything else and they thought I had a real chance at getting in if i could sort the written exercise out. Anyway, I really do want to reapply but obviously don't want to wait around for the next year on a maybe.

    Does anyone have any ideas for what I could do in the mean time?

    I've been trying to find smaller consultancies to apply to but I'm having trouble finding any that would consider someone without at least ABB at A-Level. I've been through the top 100 kind of lists and they all seem to be out of reach for me.

    If its unrealistic for me to get into another company this year, what do you suggest I do in the mean time. Preferably something that will look good to the big 4, but could also become a back up plan if all doesn't work out next year.Many thanks for any replies.


    I asked for list of companies but no one has a clue
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Updated: April 17, 2016
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