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The Biggest Gladiator Match Of All Time:Man Vs Monster

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    "Draw your sword and let me feast on your bones!" The Empousa snarled in anger, her red hair moved wildly in the air as the sickly green scaled tail moved the monster forwards..

    Gareth narrowed his eyes in annoyance as he stretched out his right hand, summoning his sword.
    This freak is really starting to bug me now...almost as much as that so called"Son Of Magic"

    "Bring it!" Gareth shouted as he beckoned for the monster to attack him.

    The Empousa let out a loud roar before charging straight towards Gareth across the stadium, its clawed feet crushing anything underfoot. It was an unstoppable beast of nature with no remorse. Gareth gripped his sword tightly and let out a wild slash at the Empousa's head, missing it by inches.

    "Dammit!" Gareth exclaimed in anger as he felt the force of the Empousa's tail strike him like a truck, sending him flying backwards into a ground.

    Gareth closed his eyes quickly and opened his eyes as his eyes watered for a few seconds. The girl reached a comforting hand down to Gareth which he quickly swatted away. He got up and stabbed his sword into the concrete below with a defiant look on his face. The Empousa stampeded towards him only to be repelled backwards by an invisible force. The monster roared in frustration making Gareth turn his face into a twisted smile.

    You shall not pass monster breath!

    The Empousa let out a loud roar.

    "I never knew getting dumped by Hercules was such a big deal." Gareth said with a sigh.

    A loud roar in response filled Gareth's eardrums causing him to smile.

    “Not like you’re any good looking dragon lady.” Gareth retorted.

    Gareth quickly glanced upwards to see the Empousa come hurtling downwards with a face of venomous hate as bits of debris from the ceiling fell like rocks dropping into a river.

    The Empousa landed on the ground with a thump and let loose aroar. Gareth quickly ran and hid behind a pile of debris.

    He quickly jumped over the pile of debris and clicked his fingers resulting in a ball of fire appearing in his left hand and his sword appeared in his right hand. Taking in a deep breath he ran towards the Empousa who looked quite bruised. It spewed out a gob of poison towards him. Gareth done a forward roll and threw his sword at the beast, slicing clean through the head before returning to his hand like a boomerang. The beast roared in pain.

    Suddenly,Gareth felt a pang of pain in his chest,he looked down and his eyes widened as he realized the spiked tail of the villain had made its way into his chest.He took one last glance at the grinning Empousa whose eyes were glazed over...lifeless...

    I knew I should have invested sometime into some healing magic...
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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