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Advice on my weight loss training regime?

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    I'm currently very heavy, at about 95kg, 18 years old and 6ft tall.
    I have a lot of muscle in my legs due to ~10 years of very intensive football, but it caused me to get a growth injury (something like osgood schlaters?? for those interested) which put me out for a couple years, in which I gained a ton of weight and I'm just about fully recovered, so after a few months of light training I want to get into a proper schedule and I was wondering if anyone had any advice?

    My initial plan is to go jogging on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning's with varying intensity (was adviced by old football coach to do something where I walk to a lamppost, jog to the next, sprint to the next and repeat that)
    However I'm currently extremely unfit, so for a few weeks it may not be long sessions - should I still just go as long as I can or should I implement more sessions of jogging??
    And then on Wednesday and Friday mornings (at home) I want to do weight training (biceps, triceps and a bit of core strength work e.g shoulders and chest etc)
    I thought leaving a couple days a week free for recovery would be a good idea.

    Was just wondering how much I should be eating daily to stay healthy but lose weight very quickly (are both possible?). I'm not too worried about performance for quite some time, just my general weight then I'll go back into the fitness training I did some years back.

    Is this going to be sufficient exersise to lose weight fairly quick? I hope to be in good shape by ~October (next football season begins + Uni starts)


    Read the FAQ on the front of the fitness forum.

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Updated: April 13, 2016
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