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Please help

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    Hii! This is my first question Tsr !!
    I dont know how to star but... i have moved schools(
    In my old school i was shy but had lots of friends who were my best friends i was friends with everyone in my old school (im in year 10)
    I actually moved schools in september 2015 because i moved houses with my parents . When i came to that school .. Oh my god it was horrible no one was friendly at all i have found like two friends but they are from another class so each time when we get to find ourselves a partner to work with or a make a group i have no one to be with. I started going to clubs but i still cant find friends ! When i do find someone when i walk with
    them at break time or lunchtime i feel like they dont want me to be with them.
    Also i always have to be hungry at lunch cuz when i go to sit and eat my lunch by my own everyone laughs cuz im sitting by my own. I cant leave my school cuz there is no other school around where i live ! What is most annoying is that ppl are making up stories about me and people who dont even know me they tell lies to my class ! I am kind and friendly in class but ppl dont like me ! I am not sporty at all so once after football some girl said that my brain is like football cuz it has nothing in it ! Ppl are just mmmmean.
    After this yr i understood that when u go to that *****y school u should get detentions everyday be mean and wear layers lf makeup if ur a girl and then u should be from England . I was surprised when i saw that in that school black ppl always are friends woth black ppl cuz english ppl dont accept black ppl and other ppl from other countries are with ppl from other countries cuz again english ppl dont accept them to be in their squad and that school is a hot mess !!
    A year ago two students died in that school from bullying ..btw im from poland and i think this is why im always left out and guess what also today we had physical education in my group there was an indian girl and me and others were english girls they treated us like crap !

    Please. Please. Please work on your grammar.

    I'm sure that if you looked, you'd see that there are probably other people who are being teased, make friends with them. Or failing that, work really hard, get good grades and walk away with your head held high, knowing you didn't waste your time getting involved in pathetic playground drama.
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Updated: April 14, 2016
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