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Co-ownership - Land law! HEEEEEEELLLLPPPPP

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    Hi there! I have to solve this assignment but I find Land Law VERY CONFUSING!!!! Can someone give me some guidance/points? PLEASE.]

    In 1995 Adam and his sisters, Constance and daisy all former Schoolteachers, decided to buy a large property called Minerva lodge, where they planned to live, along with Eddie, Daisy's twelve-year-old son. They also planed to run an educational consultancy there. Constance and daisy each paid 60,000 pounds of the purchase price, which was 270,000 pounds. Adam paid the balance. The property was transferred to all three as joint tenants in law and equity, and the title was registered. Later that year at HM land registry. By the last year they have each conflicting educational philosophies and had begun to quarrel over the consultancy business. Two months ago Adam left the house and moved in his girl friend Belinda. Shortly afterwards he wrote a letter to the others and gave Belinda a copy saying; ''I want to be paid my share of the house soon. The best course be for you two to organise a sale for it'' Eddie's au pair signed for the letter but inadvertently threw it away and forgot to tell Constance and daisy about it. A week later Adam died in road accident leaving all his property to Belinda.

    After the funeral Constance and daisy discussed the future of the consultancy and of Minerva lodge. Constance was keen to have Minerva lodge sold as soon as possible, especially as she had been both puzzled and appalled to overhear Belinda saying at the tea party that she rather fancied moving into Minerva lodge to be with Constance and daisy. Daisy however objected to Constance suggestion, because she could not afford to buy another property in the area would be different area to obtain rented accommodation, and a move to a different area would disrupt her sons education not to mention her consultancy work.
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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