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GCSE French speaking about holidays?Nightmare holiday-ideas!

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    I would really appreciate it if any one could give me some ideas on describing a nightmare holiday. It has to be imaginative and creative but i'm lost. :| I am not asking anyone to write it for me but we have to describe a picture of nightmare holiday and i need help on what this holiday could be

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    Just chucking out a few ideas here:

    - Perhaps flight was cancelled/delays at airport/lost luggage
    - Accommodation could have been filthy etc.
    - Could have got lost in the place you went to
    - Weather always terrible
    - Lots of uhh creepy insects...like cockroaches

    idek is that what you need lmao?

    I remember doing something like this for mine, I'm not exactly sure what I wrote about but I know I split it into sections to make it easier for myself: such as the journey, the hotel, the country, activities, food etc. My journey section involved things like the plane breaking down and making us delayed, meaning we missed our train in whatever country I was writing about, and I distinctly remember writing that the journey took 27 hours instead of something like 6:lol: I also remember that I wrote in the negatives about the hotel that the shower was broken meaning the water was freezing, which was funny as my brother took a shower first (I'm not exactly sure how I worded it but that's the jist) in the hotel section I just wrote about trivial matters, stuff like the minibar being broken and the staff being rude. For the activities you could write about what you enjoy doing (going to the beach for example) but say that the country you were in it wasn't possible (so for the beach example, you could say it wasn't near the sea). Also make sure to add in comparisons if you can, in my experience teachers and examiners love them (so for example you could compare this holiday to your holiday last year or your ideal holiday).
    I hope this helps, I did my speaking last year (on the holiday topic) but retook it this year because my grade was way below target, so I can't remember all that much about the topic.
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Updated: April 12, 2016
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