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Farnham: student hall or private accomodation?

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    I am going to study in Farnham for my foundation degree in September and I am currently trying to find accomodation but I am a bit overwhelmed.

    I read that the student hall weren't great so I was thinking about finding a private room somewhere, but as I am not living in the UK it seems so complicated that I am temped to go to the hall to make everything more simple...

    Does someone has any experiences with student hall in Farnham that could help me make up my mind?

    Thanks for reading me!

    I dont live there but will hopefully be in the halls in september. I went to an open day and had a tour of the accomodation and it actually seemed very nice. Maybe my standards are just low but they all seemed well maintained and clean. Halls would be much simpler but if you go to the group called UCA Farnham Freshers on facebook you can ask to see if anyone has a room you could rent!

    Don't do it. In the long run it's probably more effort for you, but the sizes of the rooms are miniscule.. Even a large ensuite is tiny.. The accommodation looks like a prison (more than one person has said this to me when I lived there) there are usually two showers shared between eight people as well, which sucks, not to mention the size of them is horrendous. If you're over 5"7 then it's pretty much a mission and a half to use them due to their size you won't be able to move (I'm not joking!) They get disgustingly dirty too, very easily. The cleaners come in once a week and pretty much lightly hover the hallways and not much else (they won't take rubbish out of the kitchen bins etc) and if there are small amounts of cutlery out, you'll get a warning (eventually leading up to a fine) and they won't clean the kitchen area. The costs for replacing broken items is ridiculous also, make sure you check that out because even if someone who you don't know/someone not living in your house does this damage, you and your housemates will still have to pay the repair fees. The campus is pretty much always empty and "parties" and loud music pretty much always get shut down by 11pm. The nightlife in Farnham sucks too. Just make sure this fits your needs because it is not appropriate for your needs if you want to go out. The pubs (as well as being very expensive) close by 11pm and places like Guildford are hard to get to (two changes on the train) then you won't be able to get back without a designated driver or taxi and yes, you've guessed it.. The taxis are expensive too! If you're willing to go to the student union be prepared for sticky floors and paying £3+ EACH TIME you go for events (which mostly all suck) apart from free pool on Wednesdays you have to pay for pool too most the time.

    Sorry to put a downer on the university, but these are all very important factors to consider before deciding whether to go to UCA Farnham. I'd sure as hell someone told me all this information beforehand rather than going in blind without it, right? Also, the fact you're moving from abroad doesn't 100% guarantee you a place on campus (unless you've already been allocated a space already, then that doesn't apply) I've known UK residents to be given a room on campus and international students who haven't so, take this into consideration please. In my personal opinion international students should get priority over students living in the UK but hey, that's just my view on it. I hope this helps, if you've got any questions I don't mind answering them Sorry for the length of this too! Good luck!
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    Hello !

    Thank you for your answer, what you tell me is similar to what I already read, I am glad I didn't book a room in the halls. Yeah I know that life there is going to be a bit dull as there seems to be nothing to do (and I'm not really the type of person who goes to student parties lol) but as I am only staying there for 8-9 months, I will survive (I hope haha). I accepted the offer 1 or 2 months ago and turned down Camberwell so I am a bit worried that I made the wrong choice, but hey it is too late for regrets so I might as well go with the flow ^^'

    I am currently looking to find a place (private) but most of the stuff I saw started in May or June and it is too early for me, so I am still searching.

    Just a question: if I manage to find a place in Aldershot or another city like that, will it be a bit less expensive (groceries, bars, etc) than on Farnham? And also is there some sort of train-pass that you can pay monthly? I'm already spending 2 hours a day on transportation so I don't mind travelling.

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