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I'm succumbing to other BPD symptoms

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    Ok so i'm now almost certain i have Boderline Personality Disorder, i've only just started to get proper symptoms in the past week or so...emotional instability...thoughts of harming myself. And something just happened now and it's really scaring me..i just lost control of a voice in my head..like it's just saying random **** in werid voices. I can't actually hear it. It the same way you hear your thoughts? I can't describe it. As i'm focussing on writing this it's stopped but when i stop doing stuff and lay down to sleep it gets carried away again...i'm going i see a gp. Sorry there really is no meaning to this post, i just needed to tell someone. I can't believe this is happening to me. This is really scary.

    I'm glad you're doing something about it and seeing a GP, it was a brave first step to take

    You should definitely see your GP.

    Have you have symptoms of BPD for a long time and only just noticed them? Or do you think that you don't have the symptoms before? Personality disorders don't suddenly start. After being diagnosed with BPD I notice more things that I do or think that I thought were 'normal' (I hate that word) before. But the symptoms haven't just appeared, I've had them for years but I had no idea that they weren't the same ways that everyone thinks and behaves. You don't need all the diagnostic criteria to have BPD but the ones that you do experience do have to be long term.

    Diagnosing any mental illness requires those symptoms to be long term. Also, I'd really avoid self diagnosis as, for example, borderline personality disorder and PTSD match on 7 out of 9 criteria..the difference between the two largely depends on dissociation styles and some communication things. This kind of overlapping can be seen with most disorders so you really need to be skilled in diagnosis to differentiate.

    As for self harm, whilst it's a common symptom of borderline personality, just because you think of or act out self harm it doesn't mean you have a personality disorder.

    If you're worried, it's always worth speaking to a trained professional
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Updated: April 15, 2016
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