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Should I pass my driving test now?

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    Hi all, I need some help with this one. I've never really posted anything here before but I feel like you guys could help me out.

    So as of right now I am coming towards the end of my A Levels and am on to University in September 2016. I have already got a place at the uni to do Film Production which is a 3 year course. I am also currently doing my driving lessons and have been for quite a while. Now the question is do I pass now or during uni?

    Getting a car before uni is out of the question. I can't afford to get a car and insurance and all that and even if I could and got one, I wouldn't take it to uni anyway, it would just be too much as I would have to pay parking and petrol money and I'm going to uni where everything is in walking distance and anywhere else is accessible by train. So that is 3 years without driving at all, I know you can't really forget driving but still, it would be a waste of money right now as all these lessons I have before will be pointless.

    My initial idea was to pass driving ready for when I get through Uni and just not drive for three years, although when I get out after 3 years I'll probably need more lessons as I won't have a car and will need to remember how to drive. So this idea is extremely expensive.

    My Mum came up with another idea. I stop lessons now to save money, and start again in my second year of Uni, so by the time I get out, I won't be as rusty and I've saved money now. It also means I'll get more practise in a bigger place as I only live in a small village as of now and the Uni is in a bigger town.

    Now I asked my friends and they came up with a third idea. To put myself on my Mum's insurance, and every now and again come back and drive her car so I don't get rusty. Although the problem with this idea is that, 1, Mum probably wouldn't be too keen on letting my drive her car, and 2, I swear there's a limit on how big the engine can be for a learner, and if so the engine in Mum's car would be too big, meaning that I wouldn't be able to drive it anyway.

    It's quite a difficult decision as all my friends are learning now but already have cars. Would appreciate help with this one and thanks for anyone who helps me out Good Luck with your revision and exams people!


    get it now it will save time later uni is such a big thing and can be quite full on you never forget driving and itwill boot your confdence so much
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