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A2 Biology OCR practice help immobilised enzymes

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    Hi, I'm doing my real practical next week but would appreciate some help with these practice questions in the meantime. Thankyou so much in advance

    1)Advantages and disadvantages of immobilised enzymes
    2)Show how sucrose can be hydrolysed by invertase

    Transfer 5cm of yeast suspension and 20cm3 of alginate to a beaker. Mix well
    Form alginate beads by extracting mixture using syringe an add one drop at a time to 1.5% calcium chloride solution and leave to set
    using pipete transfer 1cm sample of sucrose soution into test tube
    perform and record obsv. for biuret test
    drip gucose strip into sucrose solution and wait 30s, record obsv.
    after 5min seperate beads from CaCl uing sieve. wash beads to remove excess yeast
    place 100cm3 beaker at base of each clamp stand
    using spatula add beads to column so its packed w/beads
    slowly add sucrose to fill column and leave for 5mins
    open tap and allow contents of column to flow into beaker
    repeat steps 5 and 6 using solution in beaker

    3)Draw two tables - im not sure what we're even measuring ???

    4)state the adv. of benedicts test over using glucose strip

    5)what reaction is taking place in column

    6)why might conc. of glucose in beaker at end of step 11 not be as high as possible from sucrose added solution
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