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Help- Family law

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    Can someone help me out with that question??? im really confused right now

    Alison is a 17 year old prostitute with addiction problems. She has a daughter Ella but she does not know which client is the father. She meets Barry, who is kind and loving man and treats Ella as his own.They move into Barry’s rented flat, Alison settles down and has a baby, Grace, by him. However, she reverts to her old ways and leaves to go back to drugs and prostitution. Barry looks after the girls with the help of his mother, Hannah and her live-in lover, Ian.Barry gets a job, which involves travelling abroad, and accepts Hannah’s suggestion that the girls move in with her and Ian. The girls develop a strong loving relationship with Hannah and Ian.

    Time passes
    Ella and Grace have been with Hannah for three years. For the past year, Barry has been working in the Middle East. Ella, now 7, and Grace, age 6, are thriving in Hannah and Ian’s care. Alison shows no interest other than to send them birthday and Christmas presents. The girls still refer to her as “Mummy” but refer to Hannah as “Mummy Hannah”. Alison last saw them 10 months ago when she came to Hannah’s home in distress and begged them to take care of her newborn baby, Joanne. With customary generosity, Hannah and Ian agreed and Joanne is flourishing, doted on by her two half sisters.

    Last week, Barry was killed in a car accident.

    Who has parental responsibility for the children?
    What, if any, orders could Hannah and Ian seek in respect of the children?

    Automatically the mother will always have PR.
    In regards to Hannah and Ian they could seek a child arrangement order which deals with whom the child lives and spends time with. They will have to apply for leave under section 10 (9). Or they may already be entitled to apply for a s.8 child arrangement order under section 10 because the children have lived with them for at least three years.

    you should also mention that the grandparents should acquire PR.
    this is a basic overview and off course must add cases etc. but I hope this helps a little bit
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