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MA History (and Intensive Language)

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    Wow, it feels so weird posting on The Student Room again. Last time I did it was nearly three years ago, when I was looking for advice for my undergraduate degree!

    Well here I am again, and this time I am interested in furthering my history studies, and applying for SOAS.

    I'm interested in studying the medieval Middle East, with the hope of eventually being able to read classical Arabic, which is why I'll be taking the intensive modern Arabic modules alongside the history ones.

    Anyone know what the history department is like? I know of Konrad Hirschler but apparently he's leaving this year.

    How is life for an MA student here?

    I've seen so many mixed reviews about the uni, but frankly, it's the only place I know of that caters to my niche.

    If anyone can offer their perspectives or advice, that would be great.

    Many thanks!

    I'm also curious about this, since I also have an interest in doing an MA in history with a specialism in the medieval Islamic world. SOAS is obviously one of the world's centres for oriental studies but there are other places which do it too. You might want to look at these courses if you haven't already.




    As for SOAS, I can't tell you much about it, but I've met one or two people who go there and they seem to enjoy it. It is quite a small uni due to its specialisation, but it has opportunities far beyond its size, due to its location in London, and more specifically on the University of London Bloomsbury campus which also includes a couple of other unis. As a result there are a lot of good extra-curricular options at Student Central, the pan-UoL student union where you can interact with people from other London unis (I was at KCL, and it was through UoL student societies that I met people from SOAS, UCL and others).
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Updated: April 14, 2016
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