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Restarting first year

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    Hi guys

    I am just looking for opinions on my current issue (I know I shouldn't base my decision on other peoples opinions just want to gather some thoughts that maybe I haven't thought of)

    Basically I am in second semester of first year and doing alright, but over the past couple of months have kind of spiralled back into depression and lack of sleep (I haven't slept in 3 days), I am really struggling to pull myself out of bed and having bad thoughts again. (still attended lectures etc but struggling to revise due to my mind set I cant think anything but depressing thoughts)

    I know I could pass the year but not to my full potential at all (I know first year doesnt count but it does understanding wise for physics it is very important as everything is built on this foundation that we learn this year)

    So I was thinking of restarting the year, getting some help from the doctors over the summer and learn to control my emotions (not sure this is the right word, never really talked about this before), then come back refreshed and dogreat (I do love physics and I am fairly good at it but its been a rough few months)

    My end goal would be to graduate and go on to do a phd in biophysics or energy research (Not sure this is relevant just thought I would mention the goal I would like to achieve)

    Thank you for your opinions and for reading, it is very appreciated

    Have you talked any of this through with your personal tutor?

    First year doesn't mean much though, I say finish first year and then just before the second year in the summer look at the second year modules and try to read and revise relating to those subjects for second year so that hopefully the work you do in the second year will erase all the bad efforts in the first.

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Updated: April 14, 2016
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